Naoya Yamaguchi

Naoya Yamaguchi

Freelance photographer based in Tokyo, Japan

CEO of "Studio☆Diva" established in 1994

Official exclusive photographer of "Miss Japan Contest" since 2005

Master's degree in criminology obtained from Waseda University

Photo exhibitions

  • Warsaw Poland(2011)
  • Lucca Italy(2012)
  • Rome Biennial Italy(2013)
  • Bellinzona Switzerland(2013)
  • Roma Italy(2014)
  • Athens Greece(2014)
  • Philadelphia USA(2014)
  • Naples Italy(2014)
  • Bucharest Romania(2014)
  • Lucca Italy(2015)
  • Rome Italy(2016)
  • Bologna Italy(2016-2017)
  • Berlin Germany(2017-2018)
  • Berlin Germany(2018)
Diva Unison inc.

Home Studio:
2-15-7 Sendagi bunkyo-ku Tokyo

Anex Studio:
2-21-1-201 Sendagi bunkyo-ku Tokyo

Art Office:
3-37-20-601 2-15-7 Sendagi bunkyo-ku Tokyo

Tel: 03-3827-3584(10:00~20:00)

Studio DIVA

    29 May, 2018(TUE)

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