Chitoshi Matsuki

Chitoshi Matsuki

A designated holder of important intangible cultural heritage

Chairperson of executive board of the Matsu-Noh-Kai Association

A member of the Nohplay Performers' Association

A member of the Japan Nohplay Association

A member of the Kanzekai Association

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Japanese music department

Graduated from Gakusyuin junior and high school

Experience Class – Chitoshi Matsuki,veteran and outstanding Noh Actor

Chitoshi Matsuki was born the eldest son of the Matsukis; a protagonist of Noh actors in the Kanze style which has been in a family for 3 generations since 1962.

While serving his apprenticeship under his farther, he performed the leading actor of “Hagoromo” (“Plumage”) in the first stage. Since then he has performed more than 160 programs so far.

Noh performance is the classic art which has been carried on as the tradition over 650 years and had a most long-life stage in Japan. He has strong passion to let the world know about Noh.

We perform this Japanese classic art “Noh” designated a world intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO as actors as well as organizing and staging various activities so that people of wider generation including kinds in the world can get interested in Noh performance.

The followings are the contents of his Noh workshop:

  • Utai (Chant) - Chant and Voice a Noh Song in loud and freely to feel great and exhilarating
  • Kata (Dance Basic Styles & Poses) - Experience some Dance Styles and Poses to understand each meanings
  • Lecture on Basic Acknowledge of Noh - Give a lecture about Its history, Noh-stories, gorgeous attires, and elaborated masks
  • Others - Put on Masks, Play a small hand drums, Perform Kyogen (traditional comedy drama)
  • Photo shooting of your dancing figure – Professional cameraman shoot photos of you wearing Noh attire and striking dancing poses. (incl. data and prints)
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