Satsuki Onoe

Satsuki Onoe

Japanese classical dance is a traditional theater art in Japan and has been performed in Kabuki stages. Kabuki actors receive a hard training of Japanese classical dance starting from their childhood. Thus their body trunk and muscle have become strengthened and made actors’ flexible movements possible despite heavy costumes and wigs.

Different from ballet in the West, one of the characteristics of Japanese classical dance is that dancers keep balances their bodies by putting down their weights and make complicated expression with their upper bodies.

And furthermore, dancers concentrate on lyrics much more than melodies so that they have to play their roles of the story. Japanese classical dance is a popular culture lesson.

Participants can learn how to wear Japanese kimono as well as act beautifully in kimono.

Japanese classical dance(Nichibu)in Onoe style by Satsuki Onoe

Satsuki Onoe has received a basic training of singing, dancing and acting at the world famous Takarazuka Theater Company. She is now a master of Japanese classical dance(Nichibu)in Onoe style.

In her workshops, participants take lessons regarding:

  1. How to walk and to move hands and feet in kimono;
  2. Basics of Japanese classical dance (Nichibu);
  3. Enjoy dancing and acting;
  4. Photo shooting of your beautiful posing by a professional photographer (incl. data and prints);

Taking Onoe’s lesson is the best way to learn flexible movements and beautiful postures of Kabuki actors and Geisha girls.

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